Eliminate distribution network inefficiencies

Say goodbye to guesswork and transform your delivery services into a model of operational excellence. Dispatch keeps you ahead, providing real-time updates and interactive oversight essential for effective delivery management.

Streamline Your Shipping and Delivery Operations

Upgrade your logistics strategy with Dispatch. e-Courier's Dispatch platform is built to flex, grow and adapt, effortlessly absorbing the unique contours of your business’s logistical needs.

managed daily

Real-Time GPS Tracking

Never lose sight of your fleet again with Dispatch's state-of-the-art real-time GPS tracking. Whether in dense urban architectures or expansive rural landscapes, know exactly where your vehicles are at any moment, ensuring precious cargo is always under your vigilant watch.

Proof of Delivery, Perfected

Gone are the days of disputed deliveries. With Dispatch's innovative photo and signature capture, proof of delivery is now unequivocal, transparent, and digitally immutable, fostering trust and accountability with every package handed over.

Advanced Route Planning

Forget about complex logistics puzzles. Dispatch's route planning tools empower you to maximize your fleet's routes, ensuring timely deliveries and reduced fuel consumption. Dispatch guides you through the optimal path with its streamlined route planning features, enabling quicker deliveries, satisfied customers, and fuel-cost reductions of unparalleled significance.

Balance Workloads Like a Master

Leverage Dispatch's insights for balancing your drivers' workloads, achieving a harmonious distribution of assignments that optimize their time on the road, reduce burnout, and reinforce a working environment brimming with productivity.

Visual Interactive Displays & Notifications

Step into your command center with visual displays that offer you an eagle-eye view of your drivers' movements, and make use of the customer ETA notifications to provide your clients with impeccable service by keeping them informed and engaged.

Exception-Based Management

Focus on what truly matters with exception-based alerts. Dispatch innovatively notifies you only when necessary—keeping you ahead of delays, reroutes, and urgent matters, so you can make informed, strategic decisions swiftly.

Custom Tailored Dispatching

Dispatch has the unique ability to assign jobs based on driver capabilities, vehicle type, and other bespoke needs of your operations. This level of customization ensures that your fleet is utilized most effectively, providing a seamless bridge between capability and demand.

Seamless API Integrations for Easy Onboarding

With its deep API integrations, Dispatch seamlessly becomes an extension of your existing systems, facilitating effortless onboarding and ensuring that every cog in your supply chain machinery rotates in perfect unison.


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The e-Courier Platform

It depends on your workflow needs but we have gotten businesses fully up and running within a month on our platform. Our implementation team will work closely with you to support the timeline you need.
With years of expertise, we specialize in assisting individuals transition seamlessly from other software providers. Our tailored processes, designed based on your previous provider, simplify your switch to our platform. We provide advanced data upload tools and offer dedicated support to help you establish your preferred workflows within our software.
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