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Simplify operations & delight your customers

Empower customers with real-time updates, order history, and chain of custody info, all customized with your brand. Enhance your customer service experience and win business with greater transparency, control, and insight.

Real-Time Data, Unmatched Customization, & Enhanced Satisfaction

e-Courier's Customer Portal offers a highly customizable backend tailored to your unique workflows. Our advanced integration capabilities ensure seamless operation with your current systems. Turn complicated logistics into a streamlined, stress-free customer service experience.

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Seamless Real-Time Tracking

Our user-friendly Customer Portal stands out as the epitome of convenience and real-time access. Designed with your brand in mind, this online platform seamlessly connects to our dispatch system, ensuring that real-time status updates are at your fingertips—day or night.

Unmatched Chain of Custody

Secure and detailed, our portal provides a meticulous chain of custody for each shipment. Confidence in delivery and transparency is paramount; therefore, we offer thorough order updates and proof of delivery (POD) information with a few simple clicks.

Historical Insights & Administrative Control

Looking for historical data? Look no further. Our portal serves as a vault, safeguarding comprehensive order history records. Moreover, you are empowered to delve into reports concerning rating assignments and fee settings, providing you with the power to manage and modify crucial operational parameters.

True Customization & Integration

When it comes to flexibility, the E-Courier Customer Portal excels with deep API integrations and a suite that’s highly customizable. Adapt the portal to mirror the nuances of your unique business model—because your logistics technology should fit like a glove.

Self-Service Excellence

We recognize that self-service is the heart of modern customer satisfaction. Our portal enhances customer interaction with the logistics process, improving service quality while reducing customer-service-related costs.

Bridge Transparency with Operations

With the Customer Portal, blind spots in the supply chain become a thing of the past. This essential tool instills greater visibility and transparency, allowing your clients a hawk-eye view on logistical movements and riding the pulse of delivery progress.

Cutting Costs, Amplifying Satisfaction

Adopting our portal means embracing efficiency. Not only does it lower the operational costs associated with serving customers, but it also maximizes order accuracy and reduces errors. Happy clients and streamlined operations are the byproducts of this smart investment.

Real-Life Impact

Visualize a customer placing an order and immediately receiving a quote without a single phone call. Or a thrilled recipient tracking their delivery's progress, equipped with predictive ETA’s for planning their day. This isn't just a product. It's an upgrade to your entire customer journey, leveraging technology to create confidence and lasting business relationships.


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The e-Courier Platform

It depends on your workflow needs but we have gotten businesses fully up and running within a month on our platform. Our implementation team will work closely with you to support the timeline you need.
With years of expertise, we specialize in assisting individuals transition seamlessly from other software providers. Our tailored processes, designed based on your previous provider, simplify your switch to our platform. We provide advanced data upload tools and offer dedicated support to help you establish your preferred workflows within our software.
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