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End-to-End Excellence:

powering logistics with deep visibility & precision

With seamless integrations and custom workflow solutions tailored specifically for the demands of modern logistics, e-Courier simplifies the intricate web of operations for couriers, third-party logistics providers, and shippers, ensuring efficient and effective management of shipments from start to finish.

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Twenty plus years solving complex logistics challenges, and we’re just getting started. We’ve helped small businesses grow into large businesses. We’ve worked with companies across multiple industries, spanning the country. We still serve our original customers. We joined Alpine Software Group in 2018 to deepen the impact we make on our customers. We put people first as we scale to meet the changing demands of our industry.
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Our Journey

From Idea to Essential Logistics Partner

In the ever-evolving logistics industry, e-Courier remains dedicated to the pursuit of excellence. We work closely with our clients to develop logistics solutions that boost efficiency and profitability in their operations.

e-Courier Inception

Founded at the dawn of the digital age in 1999, e-Courier becomes a pioneering force in transforming the logistics software solutions landscape.


First Cloud Deployment

In a groundbreaking move underscoring our dedication to innovation and excellence, e-Courier establishes an extraordinary industry benchmark by becoming the first to adopt a cloud-based logistics management solution.


Industry 1st Mobile

Recognizing the shift towards mobile technologies, e-Courier advances to a mobile-first approach, ensuring the e-Courier platform is accessible and fully functional on mobile devices, catering to the evolving needs of our users.


ASG Acquires e-Courier

Turning the page to a new chapter in our history, in 2018 e-Courier is acquired by ASG Software, a move that enables e-Courier to scale solutions and reach an even wider audience, all while staying true to e-Courier's core mission.


Why Choose e-Courier?

Better Decision-Making, Increased Customer Satisfaction

With e-Courier, tracking packages at every stage of the delivery process is straightforward. Our supply chain visibility software provides a clear picture of where shipments are and their delivery status, enabling quick issue resolution and enhanced customer satisfaction. Learn more about our 3PL LogisticsCourier Management and Shipper TMS Software solutions.

End-to-end Logistics Excellence.

What Our Customers Say


e-Courier is revolutionizing the logistics and shipping industry with their scalable and robust shipping management software. Their dispatch board allows us to track shipments in real time and drag-and-drop assigning shipments to carriers, saving us time and improving efficiency. They provide a flexible API that syncs flawlessly with our other systems, future-proofing our processes. I highly recommend them to any company looking to streamline and digitize their shipping processes.

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