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Optimize your delivery cycle from start to finish

Streamline your processes, empower your workforce, and connect efficiently with partners. e-Courier's CMS is your route to a smarter, more connected delivery operation that can grow and adapt to ever-evolving business needs.

Efficiently Manage with Precision

e-Courier's CMS optimizes delivery processes with efficiency and precision. It offers flexible order transmission, handles complex pricing models, and streamlines driver management. The deep API and third-party integrations enhance network capabilities, while the platform simplifies operations with centralized features and real-time insights.


End-to-End Cycle Coverage

Managing deliveries is no trivial task—but CMS transforms it into a seamless flow. The platform starts by standardizing processes, tackling exceptions and outliers directly to maintain service consistency. Through its sophisticated management system, the entire lifecycle of a delivery request is refined to be as swift as it is accurate.

Flexible and Robust API Integration

With e-Courier’s CMS, flexibility is not an afterthought—it’s a prime feature. The system welcomes a variety of customer order transmission methods, adapting to the needs and preferences of your clientele. Furthermore, its deep API connects effortlessly with shippers, enhancing your operational capacity through strategic third-party integrations.

Adaptable Growth

The logistics landscape never remains static, nor should your courier management system. e-Courier’s CMS is engineered to be as dynamic as the industry it serves, with scalability at its core. Ready to expand your operations? Our system grows with you, ensuring that you’re never held back by technological constraints.

Complex Pricing Simplified

Navigate through the complexities of delivery pricing with ease. e-Courier’s CMS introduces zone-based and distance-based pricing models that cater to the unique considerations of each delivery. With flexible variation settings, you’ll have the tools necessary to craft pricing structures that are fair, competitive, and transparent.

Driver Management Perfected

The CMS fosters a harmonious workflow for drivers, marrying workload management with financial oversight. Easily integrate any driver type into the system and utilize the flexible payment mechanisms provided. Drivers can chart their earnings while you gain insights into labor distribution—creating a win-win situation on the road and within your operations.

Centralized Billing & Contracting

Step into the future of contracting and billing with a platform that centralizes these critical functions. Whether it’s maintaining contracts or managing invoices, CMS ensures that your administrative backend is as smooth and hassle-free as the delivery service you offer to your clients.

Exception Handling Standardized

 Unforeseen exceptions and outliers? We have them standardized. With our CMS, unpredictable scenarios are managed with ease, allowing you to maintain control and continuity without breaking a sweat.

Flexible Order Transmission

Every customer is unique, and so is their order transmission. Our flexible system adapts to your customers' preferred methods, ensuring orders are received and processed efficiently.


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The e-Courier Platform

It depends on your workflow needs but we have gotten businesses fully up and running within a month on our platform. Our implementation team will work closely with you to support the timeline you need.
With years of expertise, we specialize in assisting individuals transition seamlessly from other software providers. Our tailored processes, designed based on your previous provider, simplify your switch to our platform. We provide advanced data upload tools and offer dedicated support to help you establish your preferred workflows within our software.
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