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Fact Sheet

Founded: 1999
Founders: Phil Galdi, Bruce Robinson
Owner: Alpine SG
CEO: Lauren King
Headquarters: Walnut Creek, CA

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Product Screenshots

Below are our main product screens. Using these for a blog or in a review? Link directly to our image files to ensure your screenshots are always up-to-date.


Interconnected delivery system that can evolve with you and the industry


Dispatch system designed to effortlessly streamline dispatch operations

Customer Portal

Order Entry, Real time visibility and enhanced customer satisfaction

The ecMobile

Android, iOS, Windows app for drivers to navigate stops, scan barcodes and capture proof of delivery

We’re driven by the work you do

Twenty plus years solving complex logistics challenges, and we’re just getting started. We’ve helped small businesses grow into large businesses. We’ve worked with companies across multiple industries, spanning the country. We still serve our original customers. We joined Alpine Software Group in 2018 to deepen the impact we make on our customers. We put people first as we scale to meet the changing demands of our industry.
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